Lab Inspector Soil Mechanics - Geotechnical (CP-A2

Inspector / NDT Technician
Job Placement : Cepu Site 28 October 2013 - 10 November 2013
Level Education : 6
Age : 27 - 45 Year
Salary : -

Job Description


  1. Site supervision of fieldworks relating to soil mechanic and geotechnical as the result of earth works contracts ensuring compliance with specification and common practice.
  2. Inspect the stock pile and sampling material whether from borrow site or working  area.
  3. Evaluating the result of lab test of sampling material and to be recommended countermeasures for low strength soils in conctact with structural foundations:
  4.  Proctor or CBR test
  5.  Permiability test,
  6.  Atterberg test,
  7.  Grain size distribution analysis
  8.  etc
  9. Verify proper dam foundation slope stabilization and structures, including soil blending-mix of native and borrow materials.
  10. Supervision of earthworks placement and field testing.
  11. Verification dam contruction procedures are followed




Working Knowledge of:

Soil Mechanics field tesing methods, including determining Vane Shear Strengths in cohesive soils using ASTM D 2573 method and Cone Penetration Test per ASTM D3441.

Testing of swelling and dispersive soils (E.g. Emerson class number, double hydrometer or Pinhold).

Degree in Strata 1 for Civil/Geotechnical/Geological Engineering 7 years, or Strata 2 Master of Science  degree 5 years of relevant experience (earth and embankment work preferred).

Well versed in safe work practices.

Computer literate with experience in using MS Office suite for preparing reports and maintaining data base

Good oral and written English language skills

Placement : Cepu Site

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