Environment, Regulatory & Socioeconomic Interface

Environmental Engineering
Job Placement : Jakarta Bas 15 July 2013 - 29 July 2013
Level Education : 8
Age : 27 - 45 Year
Salary : -

Job Description


Coordinate ongoing effort to obtain various permits for EPC’s scope of work in a timely fashion in order to remain in compliance with National, Province, and Local regulations.

Interface with the functional groups as necessary to access timely support for project activities, identify/implement best practices and lessons learned

Work with PMT and Functional groups to support development of documents such as oil spill response plan and waste management plan.

Interface with project engineering and construction to ensure environmental and regulatory compliance.

Coordinate development and submittal of EMCAPS regulatory compliance and environmental management plans for project facilities

Work with consultants, as necessary, to prepare and submit requisite environmental, regulatory and socioeconomic impact assessments.

Interface and coordinate activities with functional groups, as appropriate, to develop and implement appropriate plans for interfacing with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) and Government agencies.

Review and advise PMT about EPC contractor’s environmental, regulatory and socioeconomic documents and deliverables, as prescribed in project Coordination Procedure.

Prepare project internal environmental, regulatory and socioeconomic stewardship reports, as well as external reports required to satisfy Government or external financial institution conditions/requests.

Assist project team, as appropriate, on special tasks and studies related to overall Environmental and Regulatory permitting requirements, and community affairs at shore tie-in and offshore work sites.

Develop amicable relationships to facilitate open communication and transparency in processes and procedures with various Government offices (BPMIGAS, Sea Com, etc) that are responsible for issuing recommendations and approvals for regulatory and environmental permits.

Work closely with ITS to exploit full benefits of the work scope for which ITS has been contracted.




Broad project management, technical and SH&E skills with good understanding of working in a project setting and an ability to interact amicably with various external stakeholders

5+ years broad-based experience preferred, with prior experience in one or more related disciplines (i.e. Environmental, Regulatory and Socioeconomic)

Experience interfacing with NGO and other similar organisation

Knowledge of EMCAPS process, and in particular SH&E deliverable requirements

Knowledge of EMDC strategies and key business drivers

Good interpersonal and communication skills in English and Bahasa Indonesia. Ability to speak Jawanese is an additionally desirable attribute.

Adaptable to changing priorities as focus of activity is expected to vary between the three disciplines.

Willingness to undertake business travel and/or field based short term assignments

Ability to interact proactively in the Project’s interest, with EPC contractor, local Government offices and local community in East Jawa province.

Placement : Jakarta Base

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