Permit To Work Specialist (CP-A439)

Job Placement : Cepu Site 18 July 2014 - 31 July 2014
Level Education : 8
Age : 30 - 45 Year
Salary : -

Job Description


  1. Work with Company and contractor’s site management and Safety, Security Health, and Environment (SSHE) organizations to implement the project and site safety programs.
  2. Conduct regular assessments/verifications on the contractor’s Permit to Work (PTW) program, both in the field as well as at contractor’ s onsite PTW office.
  3. Coach and advise contractor and subcontractors to establish, communicate, and implement an effective PTW program.
  4. Collect and analyze data relating to PTW effectiveness for reporting to project and functional management.
  5. Identify and work to eliminate short fall with the PTW program.
  6. Participate in the daily PTW coordination meeting and assist the contractor’s Permit Coordinator managing contractor and subcontractor PTW work pack reviews.
  7. Participate in TapRoot investigations and follow-up of incidents/accidents; assist with preparation for  notifications/reports for communication of significant incidents to company project/functional management per project incident reporting procedures and matrix.
  8. Lead audits of contractor Permit to Work systems.
  9. Develop and present PTW related training programs. 



  1. Degree in Safety is preferred
  2. 8-10 years in Oil and Gas Construction. Preference in safety related roles.
  3. Essential 3-5 year experience in permit to work  coordination.
  4. Good computer skills including Lotus Notes, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint. 

Placement : Cepu Site

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