Lead Inspector / Quality Coordinator (CP-A172)

Inspector / NDT Technician
Job Placement : - 26 February 2013 - 11 March 2013
Level Education : 8
Age : 27 - 45 Year
Salary : -

Job Description


  1. Ensures that construction is carried out in strict compliance with requirements of the Project Specifications
  2. Verifies that the Contractor, sub-contractors and supplier’s quality management systems, plans, procedures  and processes meet or exceed contractual agreements.
  3. Ensure establishment and proper implementation of adequate control processes within the site Project Team (PT), as stipulated in the Project Plan and the Project Quality Plan.
  4. Provide expertise to assist the project team in resolving quality assurance/control-related issues
  5. Monitor and evaluate contractor and project team management processes: identify areas of systematic weakness and recommend corrective actions
  6. Monitor and appraise quality control activities at vendor and fabrication site.
  7. Co-ordinate, report and follow up assessments, including internal & external assessments, regulatory audits and independent project reviews.
  8. Participate in kick-off meetings and advise contractors on quality assurance and management systems
  9. Prepare and maintain designated management systems
  10. Ensure that an effective document management system is established in accordance with the approved Information Management Plan
  11. Advise and assist in the development and implementation of site document control system
  12. Manage contracts for third party inspection services for site, arrange independent third party inspection of procured items, when required
  13. Promote safety awareness and safe performance among project team members, including consultants and contractor personnel
  14. Ensure that Contractor and its major sub-contractors have staffed quality organizations as required by the contract documents. Interview contractor’s key Site QA staff and monitor their performance.
  15. Actively participate in non-conformances, corrective actions, site queries and management of change processes.
  16. Obtain quality metrics from contractor, subcontractor and suppliers and provide them to management as per the Project Execution Plan and Project Quality Assurance Plan (PQAL).
  17. Review metrics from PQAL, lead inspectors and Engineering team and identify and assist in resolution of issues
  18. Provide weekly and monthly  quality metrics and reports to responsible line management, PQM and Function, as required
  19. Conduct weekly quality meetings with the contractor’s quality team.
  20. Interface closely with Lead Inspectors with respect to:
  21. Criticality Rating and assign applicable inspection surveillance levels if not addressed in contractor’s documents.
  22. Schedule and coordination of inspection activities on site,
  23. Site visits on a periodic basis to assess quality performance of contractor & sub-contractor. 
  24. Quality issues raised recording of all deficient work items
  25. Findings during Design Verification Audits.
  26. Site Quality training as required for site inspection personnel.
  27. Ensure previous lessons learned are reviewed and that new lessons learned are identified
  28. Liaise with procurement advisor /coordinator/service supervisor regarding equipment and material deliveries to site



Required KNOWLEDGE, qualifications, skills, and EXPERIENCES:

Working knowledge of:

  1. Quality Management systems and processes
  2. International Quality Standards and codes
  3. Auditing of Quality Systems
  4. Procurement and expediting practices
  5. Engineering and design verification processes
  6. Development of Quality Plans
  7. Process systems and fabrication/installation/hook-up and commissioning
  8. Documentation management systems
  9. Specifications, standards and engineering drawings.
  10. College/University degree and/or technical diploma
  11. 5-10 years Quality Assurance and Quality control experience.
  12. Working understanding of project execution, engineering, construction and completion practices
  13. Proficient in Microsoft office suite of software programs, Lotus Notes, project applications, etc.
  14. Demonstrated ability to manage quality teams, work in a project environment, and be a team player
  15. Demonstrate acceptable interpersonal skills
  16. Demonstrated willingness to work in stressful situations and during atypical and/or extended work hours.
  17. Read, write and speak fluent English, especially as required to function effectively within a project team and to communicate with contractors and sub-contractors.
  18. Worldwide experience with contractors, in particular those involved in the construction of off-shore facilities,
  19. Experience with facilitating efforts to resolve interface issues and coordinate multiparty QA objectives
  20. High level of construction knowledge, skill and experience
  21. Communication, strategy/planning skills


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